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  1. Regents Chemistry Review Flashcards ZipLoc Bag Project-due Friday, June 7th- (Reminder: Chemistry Regents Exam is on Tuesday, June 18th at 9:15 am)
    1. Flashcards Review Project-ZipLock Bag due Friday, June 7th 2013. Create organized and meaningful chemistry topic study/flash cards as you complete tasks 2 and 3 below; use rubber-bands and some sort of a key to separate the cards according to the source (youtube video or regents questions) and the ten topics listed below; place all cards in a gallon size ziploc bag; you may use these cards for the first 5 of the daily quizzes; you should have at minimum ten flash cards per topic (100) based on the regents review questions at nyschemistry.net and at least 100 cards based on the youtube music and review videos (100) for a minimum total of 200 cards; CARDS MUST REFLECT THE INFORMATION YOU LEARNED FROM THE VIDEOS AND THE REVIEW QUESTIONS ON THE REGENTS QUESTIONS WEBSITES; see http://www.flashcardmachine.com/200-ways-topassthechemregents.html and
      http://www.flashcardmachine.com/chemistry-regents-overview.html if you need some guidance on how to create flashcards;
    2. 100 points--Jot down the big ideas/important concepts as you watch any 15 (choose the topics that are difficult for you) of the chemistry music videos at: http://markrosengarten.com/chemvids.html
      Review the big ideas of each chemistry topic listed below at the following 2 youtube video websites
      Review the big ideas of each chemistry topic listed below at the following 2 review sheets websites
    3. Do ALL of the review questions and create study/flash cards for the topics listed below using the website: http://www.nyschemistry.net/BE SURE TO EXPLAIN THE REASONING behind the answer. Note: you will be quizzed daily on the topic that you should have reviewed for HW....this is how you and I will know whether you studied the material well or poorly or not at all. I will also review the material in class the day before you are quizzed on the topic. Do not wait until the night before to study/review. There are many problems on the NYS chemistry website so pace yourself accordingly. Your daily quizzes will consist of questions from the website as well as other similar type questions. The quizzes will be a combination of multiple choice and short answer questions.
      1. The Physical Behavior of Matter (quiz on 5/28)
      2. Atomic Concepts (quiz on 5/29)
      3. Nuclear Chemistry (quiz on 5/30)
      4. Chemical Bonding (quiz on 5/31)
      5. Periodic Table (quiz on 6/3)
      6. Moles/Stoichiometry (quiz on 6/4)
      7. Kinetics and Equilibrium (quiz on 6/5)
      8. Acids and Bases and Salts (quiz on 6/7)
      9. Oxidation Reduction (quiz on 6/10)
      10. Organic Chemistry (quiz on 6/10)
    4. Study every night and Good Luck on Tuesday, June 18th at 9:15 am
  2. Biotechnology Review Topics
  1. Lab 1-Safety
  2. Lab 2-Common Tools/Equipment in the Biotechnology Lab
  3. Lab 3-DNA extraction from Strawberries
  4. Lab 4-The Chemistry of Ice Cream
  5. Lab 5-The Evolution of Cheesemaking
  6. Lab 6-M&M sci method
  7. Lab 7-Molecular Models - gumdrops
  8. Lab 8-Acids and Bases
  9. Lab 9-Recombinant DNA
  10. Lab 10-Gel Electrophoresis
  11. Lab 11-Chicken wing dissection
  12. Lab 12-Microscopes
  13. Lab 13-Making solutions & dilutions
  14. Lab 14-Measurement
  15. Lab 15-Grow Bacteria

  1. 1-Safety2-Biotech Lab Tools3-Plate Streaking-Mayo4-Parts of Plant (from Ms. Catalanotto)5-Mushroom Dissection Lab6-Spice Garden (pages 9-11)7-Chromatography Medicinal Plant http://www.pbs.org/wnet/secrets/previous_seasons/lessons/lp_zulu_handout1.html8-Fermentation Lab - Wine (probably not allowed right? )OR Kimchi9-Oil Spill Clean Up10-Green Energy Biodiesel11-Medicinal Plants12-Modeling the Genetic Engineering of Trees13-BioRad Genes in a Bottle14-BioRad DNA Fingerprinting15-BioRad Microbes and Health16-BioRad BioFuels & Enzymens17-BioRad Secrets of Rainforest